Pipeline to Success

It’s the year 2016 and the United States has come a long way in the political world. Who we elect as our next president will determine the course of our societal and cultural relations as well as our relationship with planet Earth. With the upcoming election, the first few states that caucus are in a powerful position, and Nevada’s results have definitely caused some confusion with the Bernie crowd.

I sat down with Chris, a delegate who interns with the Bernie Sanders campaign, and we spoke about issues pertaining to the African and Hispanic community. Chris had a lot to say when it came to Bernie’s legacy with minorities, “This isn’t something new for Bernie Sanders, you can go back in history and see that he’s been shouting this stuff for a long time.”

Hilary Clinton on the other hand has a long history of supporting questionable policies and bills, all of which negatively impacted the African American community.

“I don’t support her platform,” Chris says, “I don’t support the history her and Bill Clinton have, just because Hilary’s a democrat doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s for minorities.” Economic hardship and low funding for schools has always been a struggle for the African American community. From this view, African Americans are definitely aware that they face discrimination, but are still voting for the enemy. “A lot of things are to be known in the African American community,” Chris continues, “a lot of bills that Bill Clinton passed were not in favor of the black community, they went through one of the hardest economic times, and saw a huge increase in mass incarceration.” It’s the simple act of googling information to see which candidate stands by their message.

Nevada in particular is a very diverse state that faces a lot of issues, education being the most crucial. Chris shared her view on the subject, “we need to create a balance between which schools get funding, because you can definitely go to Clark County and see which schools get funding and which don’t.”

There is a noticeable difference in classrooms across the nation, not just in Nevada. “I think with the upcoming presidential election, education is going to be a bigger thing,” Chris says, “ especially in places like Chicago and Flint where education is not first.” Predominantly white schools have access to cutting-edge technology and highly trained teachers. Schools who tend to have a diverse student population seem to be faced with limited technology, textbooks and resources, as well as a improper maintenance and general neglect of safety hazards.

Both candidates have supported school funding in some way or another, but it goes back to the fact that one candidate has always been honest, and that’s Bernie Sanders. Across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, people really believe Hilary Clinton is being ingenuous when advocating for black cities like Flint, Michigan.

My fellow black and brown voters, Bernie has been there from the beginning advocating for the minority community, there is actual evidence of this. Clinton’s only evidence is her open support for her husband. There are still many issues facing this country besides education and racial inequality, but the first step is to elect a president who is honest and trustworthy. And the only way we can expect to see this progress is through the guidance of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Don’t be fooled by Hilary’s many years in politics. Don’t allow big corporations to buy your vote without researching the facts. Don’t forget the damage Bill Clinton inflicted on the African American community because we as a nation are still recovering from his presidency today.